Center for E-Learning and Open Educational Resources

Vision and Mission and Goal


Leadership in e-learning to improve the education process and the quality of learning outcomes.


Supporting faculty members and students at the university and developing their skills in using modern technologies in education by providing an appropriate educational environment for integrated e-learning that stimulates learning, supports performance, and seeks to improve the education process. And the quality of learning outcomes, which will be reflected in the university’s academic standing.


Spreading the culture of e-learning at the university. Providing an educational environment suitable for e-learning by developing administrative and technical capabilities and structures. Developing programs offered via e-learning to meet the needs and requirements of society. Developing the skills of faculty members, students and administrators in the field of e-learning. Obtaining institutional accreditation according to the standards of the National Center for E-Learning and Distance Learning.

Fahad Bin Sultan University
Center for E-Learning and Open Educational Resources


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